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Annual boatyard & storage tariff (Oct 18 ' - Sept 19')

(Iss. 1st July 2018)



Haul out, wash off and return to water immediately (max 24hours)    32.00 per metre 
Haul out, wash off and shore off in yard                                              29.00 per metre
Pick up vessel and return to water                                                      20.50 per metre
Lift vessel off transport and launch                                                     27.80 per metre
Haul out, scrub off, hold boat in tripod stand for 72 hours, relaunch  40.40 per metre
Mast Stepping will be charged on a time basis POA
Own use of slipway (To launch and recover small boats by owner)  2.50 per metre (Each Way)
Bring Alongside Service for AYC Mooring Holders  34.25 (Each Way)
Bring Alongside Service for AYC Lagoon Mooring Holders 68.50 (Each Way)


WINTER (6 MONTHS) - Rates Per Square Metre LOA x BEAM

Up to 35 Sq metres  50.15 per Sq Metre
All square metres over 35 Sq Metres  30.15 per Sq Metre
Bilge keelers discount (as minimum shoring required)  64.85 per Vessel

Worked Example: 
Loa 12m x beam 3.5m = 42 sq m 
35 sq m x  50.15 =  1755.25 + 7 sq m x  30.15 =  211.05
1755.25 +  211.05 = 1966.30


Vessel up to 9 metres  297.05               Over 12 metres    422.30 
9 - 12 metres                353.60               Two masts           535.60
Masts on vessels over 15m POA


April September - monthly rate (per sq metre)  4.40


Rate per day  2.30
Rate per month  50.00


Winter Day Rate  4.10 per day
Summer Day Rate  3.85 per day
6 Month Standing Charge Rate  58.40
12 Month Standing Charge Rate  104.00
Cost per unit used  0.21 per unit

1. Slipping and storage up to 40 tons displacement and 5.95 metres beam. Vessels over 15 metres please contact the office for slipping charges. 
2. Winter storage charges include: slipping, scrubbing off, and shoring off in yard, storage up to 26 weeks, routine checks of the vessel, picking up from yard patching antifouling in way of shores and re-launching. Mast charges include: mast removal from vessel and storage, along with mast dressing, stepping and setting of standing rigging ready for use in spring.
3. Winter storage includes storage between 1st October and the last day in March the following year. Should the vessel arrive early or leave later than those dates, then the invoice for additional storage ashore or time afloat will be issued accordingly as per published tariff.
4. Please note - the storage and mast charges are not inclusive of sail, boom, running rigging or mast wiring removal nor its re-instatement in the spring. Should any part of these services be required please advise the workshop in advance.
5. Masts must be removed unless vessels have bilge keels.
6. Storage terms: 50% due on slipping. Balance due by 1.2.2019. 
7. A credit charge will be levied on overdue mooring and storage invoices. 

All prices are inclusive of VAT @ 20% (except the electric unit price: VAT @ 5%)
Please refer to our Marina Tariff for Mooring and Pontoon rates.

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